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Rya the Mirror Child [Creepypasta OC] by BakaReonhato Rya the Mirror Child [Creepypasta OC] by BakaReonhato
Presenting my favourite OC, Rya! Her name is a messed up Mary (just take away the M) since she is inspired by Bloody Mary.
After her death (which she doesn't remember when or how), she forgot most of her life. She does, however, remember part of her life, which was mostly in black and white--photos. She has the ability to enter reflections, and manipulate them to become monochromic. Her colour scheme in reflections is always monochrome, but when she steps out of it, she's a colourful kid. Strawberry blonde, greenish hazel eyes, and fair skin.

I hope you guys got the hint of her age from the comic strip! She died around the age of 15-17 years old, but because of her childish mindset she tends to appear as a child.

Since she is unable to remember her old life, she wanted others to remember her. So she started scaring people to their deaths, soon becoming a known horror story. Eventually she became myth.

She can write backwards, and would get some letters the other way 'round because she doesn't really pay attention to how she writes. And every time she touches the mirror (known as a Border to her), blood would appear.

At the era she had lived, she didn't had much of an education. Thus, wrong spellings everywhere unless it's her catchphrase.
If, IF, she ever meets Laughing Jack, she would call him Big Brother.

Will add more things about her in the future!
(Although I created her with Creepypasta in mind, I've been considering to add her into a story I created (which is the plot for a game I've designed) )
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Woahhh~~ :'3
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